About Me

I am the hardworking mama of three awesome kids- one already flown from the nest and two big boys eating me out of house and home.  My kids have grown up on this blog- I've been here since 2005!

The past three years have brought lots of "interesting" experiences -divorce, layoff, foreclosure and career change to name a few. It's been a mixture of good and bad and it hasn't always been possible to identify which is which!  Even the "bad" things have had their own rewards.

I work hard at my "real" job to pay the rent, but my passion is in creating. I make dolls, jewelry, altered art creations, baby and toddler clothing, gifts and just about anything else that can be sewn or glued! 

My other passion is feathering my nest- painting, sewing slipcovers, re-arranging- it's all fun!  I love getting inspired by what other bloggers are up to.

Thanks for visiting me!